Looking forward to Saturday. Sarada and John Thompson have organised this wonderful event in the historic town of Carmarthen. It is doubtful there are few places in Wales, where Crach Ffinnant and Prince Owain Glyndwr’s steps did not tread, but in circa 1398-1410, there is no doubt, there are footprints in the sand here. This is a town steeped in ancient history and worthy of a visit at any time of the year.


I am particularly excited about this Fayre because in addition to ‘manning me ware’s’, so to speak such as, nattering to folk and signing copies of Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy, Sarada has invited me to do two reading’s. One, narrated from my new book and the other told in song from my album and book, ‘The Ballad of Penygraig’. It is a great privilege to be asked to perform my work in this way and I would like to thank John and Sarada sincerely for having so much confidence in me.







Driving for nearly two hours through scenery fit to hypnotize, over mountains and through valleys from home to Aberaeron prepared my psyche. This evening would be my first ‘formal reading’ and ‘signings’ for an Indie Bookshop in Wales. Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy is now available from this delightful bookshop, BOOKWORM. Karen Gemma Brewer, decided to display my books above Harry Potter and GOT in the window. I thought, ‘What a nice thing to do.’ Crach certainly has the potential, time will tell.

After sharing background as to the why’s and wherefore’s of writing Crach Ffinnant-The Prophecy I asked somebody to ‘dip in at random’ and a chapter was selected for me to read.  Briefly, I explained some of the main events, helping folk get to this point and understand the story before I began reading. We repeated the process again, sharing two chapters. My readings were well received and I thank all for listening attentively.



Gwisgo Bookworm is a wonderful little secondhand bookshop in the delightful Georgian seaside town of Aberaeron. Niki and Karen Brewer are delighted to be the new owners of this well-known bookshop having taken over in September 2017 We welcome you to come and browse through the many and varied books that are available in the shopAsk us to find you a book, old or new, and we will do our best to source it for you. Greeting cards and OS maps are also available.






Yesterday as folk know, I posted a narration of John Thompson’s work, ‘The Rocking Chair’. I mentioned it had stimulated me to record some of my own children’s stories. So here is a mini audio book of ‘PABLO REMEMBERS’. I wrote this a few years ago and it was an intuitive tale. In order to give credence to my comment, it happened like this. I was asked by a friends children to tell them a bed time story. Tullulah, one of the children was severely disabled and as she and her brother and sister sat in wait, out came the never told before tale spontaneously. Her sister suggested I write it down and as they had liked it so much, I did.

Since then, I have told it many times in a variety of settings and one such, can be found on the page dedicated to this story here on my site. There you will see a video where in the guise of one of my creations, Professor Knowitallicus, I perform the story at Kidwelly Castle during a medieval festival at storytelling time.

Enjoyo the audio book!

Please feel free to comment, your feedback is important to me.









I now have two published works with another on the way.  Creating audio books of my work is an exciting project. Whilst I have made a good start with Crach Ffinnant The Prophecy, there is still much to do and I am enjoying every minute of narrating my stories. mind you remembering character voices can be a pain, but I am getting there. At the  Storytelling & Book Fayre Weekend, (National Botanical Gardens of Wales 21/22/6) I met some incredible authors with so much experience. One writer of children’s stories impressed me greatly.

A well-respected author of considerable standing in the literary community of Wales, John Thompson shared this short story with me. The Rocking Chair tells of a boy visiting his Granny, sharing his worries due to non attentiveness during a history lesson about Owain Glyndwr. Granny has an unusual solution to the problem. Will it be solved?

I was enchanted by this short story, so I narrated it and sent it off to John as a prezzie, for his help and friendship at the weekend. Well as these things do, one thing  led to another. So when time allows I am going to dig out some of my children’s stories and make an audio book of them. Lovely spin-off. So lots of recording in the diary. So unbeknownst to John, his words have created a mission for me. Have a listen to the ‘Rocking Chair’

I would be grateful if folk have comment on the narration, please feel free. All feedback is helpful, Thank you.


Life is grand. The site for the Book Fayre was changed today, after many of us cooking to a turn yesterday in the Glasshouse. A nice site near to all the storytelling events, enabled the authors to enjoy a steady footfall of visitors throughout the day. I have experienced two days of what may only be described as full of Crach’o’Magic. My expectations for the weekend were very simple, this was my first Book Fayre and I was here to learn. Advice and guidance came my way spontaneously and everything was worth hearing, from reasonable sales expectations to setting up and publicity. I am so grateful for the friendship and kindness I received from other experienced exhibitors. Today due to ‘space’ we collectively set our banners up as a ‘entrance avenue of authors’ to the Book Fayre.


Once attracted inside, authors pitched their work to passing folk. This was Crach Ffinnant’s magical space today. (Sorry about the blurred image)


My fellow authors back for day two.


John Thompson


Colin R. Parsons


Simon Hicks, Sales and Marketing Manager.


Graham Watkins



My apologies to Angela Fish for no snap.

In addition to the Book Fayre, I have to remember this weekend was also a storytelling event and attracted a nice crowd in a beautiful setting. Have a quick glance!

A little more per chance!

And finally!

A number of high points on this magical day, and one worthy of note was a ‘chance encounter’ with an old friend Owen Staton. Owen is a storyteller and writer, and some years ago we collaborated twixt music and stories. I last saw him in 2012, so much to natter about however, without boring readers, we will be collaborating again, so watch this space. Such a lovely talented man with incredible stories from our ancient Welsh valley’s, a mesmerizing performer.

So, the all important question hovering in the ether, did I sell any books? Yes indeed, of course I lost my virginity yesterday with the sale of one copy of Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy. Today, five copies of Crach and three,  Ballad Of Penygraig, plus a Crach’o’Magic mug. I signed all books with a quill and black ink, so the ambience is set. A first Book Fayre for me and a good experience all round. I would like to thank the following folk for making this weekend so special for me and Debbie Eve on this incredible magical journey.

Management & Staff – National Botanical Gardens of Wales / John & Sarada Thompson / Cheryl Beer / Mary Powles / Simon Hicks / Will Macmillan Jones / Thorne Moore / Judith Barrow / Wendy Steele / Graham Watkins / Angela Fish / Colin Parsons

So onwards and upwards with Carmarthen Book Fair 11 August.