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Hello, my name is Debbie Eve. Having loved art since I was able to hold a pencil or brush, I am delighted to have been given the opportunity of working with Lazarus on his books.

I had mainly used oil paint or watercolour as a medium in the past but shortly before my spontaneous move to Wales at the beginning of 2015, I purchased a set of illustrator pens, a compulsive buy with no known reason at that time.  I doodled with them for a while before putting them away in a drawer.  After meeting Lazarus, once living in Wales, he suggested I might like to illustrate some of the work he had already written.  Our latest work, ‘Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy’ has developed from there.

It has given me much pleasure creating pictures from such descriptive text, a magical journey for me as well. For this book to have won a publishing contract with Words Matter Publishing is so exciting and the guidance and encouragement given by their CEO, Tammy Koelling, has been invaluable.

With Volume Two, ‘The Rise of the Dragon’ almost complete, we are now looking forward to starting on Volume Three, with more magical words and pictures to create.

Here are some of my favourite illustrations from The Prophecy. All were originally in black and white but some I painted later to use in the book trailer.


This is the very first illustration depicting Crach as an apprentice with his old Master, Llwyd ap Crachan Llwyd, informing him of his role in The Prophecy and giving him a task which will send him far away from his homeland.  Crach is stunned and concerned at this unexpected news!

On the first leg of his journey, he follows his guide, Fynedd the Shepherd.

Ch 2 Vol I

Now alone, making his way to Shrewsbury, he contemplates how to cross the river using the stepping stones without getting his feet wet!


With Shrewsbury in sight, Crach encounters a drayman who had enjoyed too much beer, resulting in what might have been a very unpleasant episode, but for his quick thinking!

Ch 4 Vol I

He made his way from Shrewsbury to London as a performing dwarf in a circus.  This is him bidding a fond farewell to his circus friends.

Ch 13 Vol I

The purpose of his journey?  The sacred scrolls containing The Prophecy


The elders at Bala Lake watching prophetic visions unfurl


Crach has invaluable help from the animal kingdom.  Merlina, his trusted steed

Ch 23 Vol I

Tan-y-Mynedd, the powerfully frightening but endearing Fire-Dragon

Seven (1)

Carron, the comical mischievous raven.

Ch 25 Vol I

Illustrations from ‘Rise of Dragon’ coming soon!

Debbie Eve



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