Welcome my name is Lazarus Carpenter, I live in Wales and I am the author of the adventures of Crach Ffinnant, a dwarf, prophet, and seer to Prince of Wales, Owain Glyndwr

Thus far, since 2018, a new volume of the adventures of Crach Ffinnant has been released each year. Now with three volumes in print, I am working on the fourth. Crach Ffinnant is a dwarf and we begin our adventures together in 1375 in Volume One, ‘The Prophecy’. Crach Ffinnant’s apprenticeship as a prophet, seer, and healer is now at an end and his old master, Llwyd ap Crachan Llwyd sends Crach to London to further his training with Master Healan, an Apothecary who boasts a secret identity. Ready and able with sacred scrolls hidden deep in his bag, Crach begins the long journey across the mountains with Fwynedd the Shepherd, a guide, and later becomes a friend for life. Saying farewell outside Shrewsbury Crach encounters an enormous awakening to his current reality. He could not speak English, not a word although there was much he understood. A ‘dumb’ Crach is born as he joins a traveling circus and makes the long journey to London and his destiny. Along the way, Owain Glyndwr defends his dignity and their friendship begins.



It is 1399 and twenty-five years have passed since Crach Ffinnant, dwarf, prophet, and seer began a quest, to serve the Prophecy. Henry Bolingbroke imprisoned Richard ll, taking the throne of England. Hating Glyndwr, Henry refuses to honor a debt and seeks revenge, sending an assassin to kill him. Tan-y-Mynedd the Dragon meanwhile searches endlessly in the deep caverns for the lost dragon eggs with hope in his heart they existed. Unrest in Wales is at fever pitch, common folk and lords alike, gathering under the banners of the Red Dragon against the tyranny of King Henry and the English Lords. Within the year unity would strike across the country led by Owain Glyndwr. War loomed on the horizon and the wrath of King Henry would be avenged.



It is late summer in 1400 and the Welsh Rebellion is gaining pace as the army gathers strength under the leadership of Prince Owain Glyndwr. King Henry marching to Scotland with ten thousand men turns swiftly back from the borders and invades North Wales. In an attempt to suppress the uprising, King Henry is greeted by the guile and guerilla tactics of the Welsh. Crach Ffinnant, ever at the Prince’s side must juggle his time as there is much to do now Tan-y-Mynned has found the dragon eggs. King Henry is concerned about the chatter and natter of dragons and sends Lord Edmund to investigate. Meanwhile, Welsh soldiers capture Conwy Castle from the English without spilling a drop of blood. Even baby dragons grow and though their species may now be certain, their future may leave much best forgotten.



Late winter 1402 and the weather is bitter and harsh, biting into every pore like needles of ice. Heavy snow and freezing temperatures almost slowed the English invasion down to a full stop except for the repeated attacks from Welsh raiders keeping them alert. Baron De Grey is captured and held for ransom whilst Fellows is found again and this time there is no escape as Glyndwr buries him alive in a tree. Meanwhile, the rogue dragons are creating havoc for Welsh and English alike. Tudur Glyndwr and Crach are captured whilst the Welsh are continuing to raid and slaughter the English as if they were marauding ghosts. Crach is full of anxiety as there are tough decisions to make and no amount of magic can help this time.

Let’s make something together.