With three volumes of Crach Ffinnant stories out there for folk to read now, guess I can say in all humility, I have created a series. We joined this magical dwarf’s journey venturing ever onwards towards his destiny in 1375 with Volume 1, ‘The Prophecy’. Crach left Wales and traveled to London where meeting Owain Glyndwr a lifelong friendship born. His apprenticeship continued under the tutorage of Master Healan a spy for the Council of Blue Stone disguised as an Apothecary, but not before he spent several months acting as a dumb dwarf in a traveling circus.
In ‘Rise of the Dragon’, Volume 2, Crach Ffinnant and Owain Glyndwr deal with deception, assassination attempts and murder as the rebellion against King Henry gains momentum and Tan-y-Mynedd discovers the lost dragon eggs.

‘Ravens and Dragons’, Volume 3 Owain Glyndwr is now Prince of Wales and the rebellion shocks King Henry as Welsh troops under the banner of the Red Dragon make raid after raid, capturing castles and towns along the way. Crach must find time to do all the things asked of him and quickly discovers there are just never enough hours in the day.