“Absolutely loved this book. My daughter really enjoyed it too. Can’t wait for the next one!” Emma Long Amazon UK

“I took this book on holiday to read, unfortunately, I had to do it between doing the usual holiday things of sightseeing etc. From the moment I opened and started reading, I didn’t want to put it down and today I finally finished it. Now all I have to do is wait for the next book to be published, so hurry up and finish it Laz, I want to know what happens next!” From Annette & Del Page (Pembroke)

“This book is is not just a story, a beautiful story, but Lazarus Carpenter’s way with words is something I haven’t had the pleasure of reading in quite some time. This book reflects the time, effort and dedication put into it to bring the book to readers and that gives me such a warm feeling. I honestly am marking this Author, my new ‘to follow author.’ Not only does his heart and soul reflect in this book, but in a world where good books and fantastic reads are lost under piles of junk, this was honestly such a pleasure to find. An absolute treasure to have Crach Ffinnant in my library collection. I am holding my thumbs that there is more to come from Lazarus Carpenter.” From Amazon UK 5/7/18

“This book is a gem! So glad I found it under the piles and piles of junk Amazon lets through.” From Amazon UK 5/7/18