In this day of rapid communication and exchange of information across the world-wide web, the art of self-help and helping others has grown considerably. In my younger days when I first started to write and perform, this technology did not exist and in later years began to emerge to the point we are at now. Yet that point is constantly evolving day by day as change is an ever constant feature of evolution. So time never stands still and for a writer  nowadays we have to be proactive in our own promotion. Before the web this was almost impossible. Be we self-published or fortunate enough to have a publisher, we still have to create publicity on a regular basis across the web. Facebook, Twitter, MeWe, Instagram, Blogging and so many other pathways giving instant access to a very important theme… each other! Personal communication through friends networks and like-minded groups enable us to exchange so much in the way of support, professional, personal and emotional.

Of course the web is growing rapidly as are the opportunities to enjoy the advantages of great choice. It is a little like fishing of course in that, not all you reel in will you keep as its value to you will be minimal. Trial and error is the only way to find what is good and works for you. The growth in groups across Facebook alone is providing all authors, writers, poets and performers to network with each other, share ideas and more importantly offer help. Words Matter Publishing offer various ways to support their authors, not least of which being an Authors Support Group where we are able to share ideas and support each others work under the safety and guidance  of WMP. There are so many possibilities for expanding our own work by learning from others, what has worked for them and what has not, everything is worth a shot. Some of my colleagues are very creative, exploring new ideas, giving it a go and then sharing with the rest of us. So use this wonderful opportunity and try, it really does not matter if you make mistakes, somebody from somewhere in this vast web of life will be there to help! We can learn and should, from the experiences and mistakes of others, that’s what it is all about.






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