Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Fandalism, whatever the platform, we can like or dislike posts we see, and select to follow or subscribe to the author. Often moderate success is determined by how many likes, followers and subscribers we may have and in addition, the number of views a post may get. At the top end of the scale there are those with thousands upon thousands of followers and at the bottom, folk with only a few. It does not matter if you are an author, musician, actor, poet, artist or whatever, you have to start somewhere and the opportunity to expand our personal networks on-line is where we begin. A craze at the moment flooding author and book sites particularly on Facebook, is where authors request ‘like for like’ with other authors on FB pages and Websites. It is very helpful in sharing each others work, raising profile and of course ‘likes’. A dilemma for many is, it can be time-consuming to respond to hundreds of posts, but it does work and one can see the effects after only a few days. The trick is to time manage how much ‘liking‘ and ‘responding’ we activate and this is made easier as every time we ‘like’ within a stream of content, we are notified of all comments on that post. So if you belong to several groups and lets say, some are featuring ‘like for like’ posts, of which you are part of because you have commented, you receive a notification. It then becomes simply part of one’s daily on-line administration of your networking and can be easily managed. We have to remember, huge followings do not happen overnight, and expanding our personal network within the global family takes time. Patience is essential, as is focussing limited time productively when networking and more importantly, maintain a positive attitude.  Nothing like others liking you to increase self-confidence. Good luck!




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