The beauty of the Web is an ability to spin so many strands linking comments, images, audio and video of our work. Bringing alive promotion and enabling it to vibrate across the Web, results of some kind cannot fail. It is the way of things. As wisdom from Native American philosophy reminds us, ‘all things are connected in this Web we call life’. That does mean ‘all’. So our Web has evolved, as we do to! Recording events such as book fairs, interviews, performances of readings and the like on film and audio is a good habit to get into. Whilst you may not use everything you record and some you do may be edited, it provides a useful personal account from which to both use to promote our books and to learn from. Watching yourself perform on film, can be very daunting but it is one of the very best self-help tools we can use. The same is said for radio, podcasts etc. If you are bored with you, then so will others be too. Take risks, be an actor when you perform readings. Bring it alive with your words and personality. Be your story! There is no other soul better placed to tell your story than you. Be creative in opportunities coming your way and use them.

Some time ago my book the Ballad of Penygraig became a radio programme, ‘On the Trail of the Ballad of Penygraig’, hosted by Stuart Loosemore. In a live interview we walk the story, through its very roots and at the same time, share personal anecdotes of my connection and why I had to write it. This programme was not scripted and does I think demonstrate how important it is to live our story when we talk about it. Be comfortable and just be you with all the passion you can muster. Copying the programme to soundCloud also enabled me to post it wherever and whenever and still does. This experience and others like it have helped me so much in the work now ahead. Promoting Crach’o’Magic. More tomorrow!



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