It is important to promote our work at every opportunity, even before it is published. Before, winning WMP writing competition earlier this year, I was submitting the manuscript for Crach Ffinnnant – The Prophecy to publisher after publisher. In the clip below as Author in Residence, I have just been interviewed in Part One by Cheryl Beer in the Quiet Space Studio, about the Ballad of Penygraig. This is Part Two, where for the first time I introduce my magical dwarf in all his glory. I introduce Book One and Two (even though the latter was not finished). I also share some ideas from Ravens and Dragons which I am now writing. Now ‘Crach Ffinnant has a life, with much more to live and give! I am very fortunate to live in Wales where the cultural heritage is so rich and ancient, a wonderful source of creativity for a storyteller. I am proud to be part of the arts community with so many talented writers, poets, actors and musicians. Time for global conquest with Crach Ffinnant.

So if you get the chance to natter about upcoming manuscripts, take it! Remember, nobody tells your story better than you!


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