Part Two


Promotion through social media using video to spin Crach’o’Magic across the Web, is time-consuming but worth every minute of effort. Our first experience came with the promotional video produced by Words Matter Publishing as a precursor to launching Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy. Tammy Koelling our publisher suggested various formats and we agreed, Debbie Eve’s illustrations would be used as visual back drop with effects. I recorded the script for voiceover and backing music. A previous song I wrote and recorded five years ago, Owain Glyndwr was introduced at the end of the clip for historical focus. Debbie Eve painted the illustrations and we sent the final files to WMP who then produced the promotional video on YouTube. With a duration of 3.59 it is short enough to maintain viewers attention span whilst, being long enough to include all relevant points illustrating the story.

When the video was released on YouTube it was shared across various platforms and picked up by others as the web began to spin. There is no doubt it helped with the launch of the book and it continues to do so. If your publisher does not promote your work using these techniques, encourage them to do so and if you self publish, have a go at producing your own. It is not that hard and worth learning how to do.


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