I now have two published works with another on the way.  Creating audio books of my work is an exciting project. Whilst I have made a good start with Crach Ffinnant The Prophecy, there is still much to do and I am enjoying every minute of narrating my stories. mind you remembering character voices can be a pain, but I am getting there. At the  Storytelling & Book Fayre Weekend, (National Botanical Gardens of Wales 21/22/6) I met some incredible authors with so much experience. One writer of children’s stories impressed me greatly.

A well-respected author of considerable standing in the literary community of Wales, John Thompson shared this short story with me. The Rocking Chair tells of a boy visiting his Granny, sharing his worries due to non attentiveness during a history lesson about Owain Glyndwr. Granny has an unusual solution to the problem. Will it be solved?

I was enchanted by this short story, so I narrated it and sent it off to John as a prezzie, for his help and friendship at the weekend. Well as these things do, one thing  led to another. So when time allows I am going to dig out some of my children’s stories and make an audio book of them. Lovely spin-off. So lots of recording in the diary. So unbeknownst to John, his words have created a mission for me. Have a listen to the ‘Rocking Chair’

I would be grateful if folk have comment on the narration, please feel free. All feedback is helpful, Thank you.


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