Life is grand. The site for the Book Fayre was changed today, after many of us cooking to a turn yesterday in the Glasshouse. A nice site near to all the storytelling events, enabled the authors to enjoy a steady footfall of visitors throughout the day. I have experienced two days of what may only be described as full of Crach’o’Magic. My expectations for the weekend were very simple, this was my first Book Fayre and I was here to learn. Advice and guidance came my way spontaneously and everything was worth hearing, from reasonable sales expectations to setting up and publicity. I am so grateful for the friendship and kindness I received from other experienced exhibitors. Today due to ‘space’ we collectively set our banners up as a ‘entrance avenue of authors’ to the Book Fayre.


Once attracted inside, authors pitched their work to passing folk. This was Crach Ffinnant’s magical space today. (Sorry about the blurred image)


My fellow authors back for day two.


John Thompson


Colin R. Parsons


Simon Hicks, Sales and Marketing Manager.


Graham Watkins



My apologies to Angela Fish for no snap.

In addition to the Book Fayre, I have to remember this weekend was also a storytelling event and attracted a nice crowd in a beautiful setting. Have a quick glance!

A little more per chance!

And finally!

A number of high points on this magical day, and one worthy of note was a ‘chance encounter’ with an old friend Owen Staton. Owen is a storyteller and writer, and some years ago we collaborated twixt music and stories. I last saw him in 2012, so much to natter about however, without boring readers, we will be collaborating again, so watch this space. Such a lovely talented man with incredible stories from our ancient Welsh valley’s, a mesmerizing performer.

So, the all important question hovering in the ether, did I sell any books? Yes indeed, of course I lost my virginity yesterday with the sale of one copy of Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy. Today, five copies of Crach and three,  Ballad Of Penygraig, plus a Crach’o’Magic mug. I signed all books with a quill and black ink, so the ambience is set. A first Book Fayre for me and a good experience all round. I would like to thank the following folk for making this weekend so special for me and Debbie Eve on this incredible magical journey.

Management & Staff – National Botanical Gardens of Wales / John & Sarada Thompson / Cheryl Beer / Mary Powles / Simon Hicks / Will Macmillan Jones / Thorne Moore / Judith Barrow / Wendy Steele / Graham Watkins / Angela Fish / Colin Parsons

So onwards and upwards with Carmarthen Book Fair 11 August.







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