Yesterday as folk know, I posted a narration of John Thompson’s work, ‘The Rocking Chair’. I mentioned it had stimulated me to record some of my own children’s stories. So here is a mini audio book of ‘PABLO REMEMBERS’. I wrote this a few years ago and it was an intuitive tale. In order to give credence to my comment, it happened like this. I was asked by a friends children to tell them a bed time story. Tullulah, one of the children was severely disabled and as she and her brother and sister sat in wait, out came the never told before tale spontaneously. Her sister suggested I write it down and as they had liked it so much, I did.

Since then, I have told it many times in a variety of settings and one such, can be found on the page dedicated to this story here on my site. There you will see a video where in the guise of one of my creations, Professor Knowitallicus, I perform the story at Kidwelly Castle during a medieval festival at storytelling time.

Enjoyo the audio book!

Please feel free to comment, your feedback is important to me.










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