So today is the first Book Fayre featuring, ‘Crach Ffinnant- The Prophecy’ and ‘Ballad of Penygraig’. It is also the first time in addition to representing ourselves, likewise, our publisher and agent, Tammy Koelling of Words Matter Publishing. All set up and raring to go, this morning started early with a Tai Chi workout, light breakfast and a 30 minute drive in the sunshine to the exotic and rather splendid, National Botanical Gardens of Wales. A stunning setting for a weekend of storytelling. Arriving in good time was a good idea as once there, finding my way around the huge estate to the unloading point, seemed to take for ever. Having unloaded our wares and set up, I had coffee and a sandwich, waiting with baited breath for the day to unfurl at my appointed table. There was a large fan above the table which was a little noisy, but I did not mind. However, my fellow authors did, and swiftly without argument, assuring me this was a good idea, they banded together and shifted me, display and all, in two swift moves. A very nice experience for me of friendship and comradeship from other authors.


The Book Fayre was sited in the big Glasshouse, which on reflection, was perhaps not a good idea, given the heat inside under glass. Again, it did not bother me too much as it was my first time out at a Book Fayre. Passing trade fluctuated as most of the events were in another part of the gardens and this together with the incredible heat, frustrated the more experienced authors. A quick tally of who felt what and off disappeared two of the authors, returning later with news that tomorrow, we will all be moved to the main event area. Sighs of relief all round. Mind you.. it was unbearably hot, so much so that a few of the authors were on the verge of heat stroke.


Meeting experienced authors, observing different approaches, chatting and exchanging ideas and being made to feel part of everything, made my day and taught me much. So Tomorrow …. we go again. Oh, and I sold my first copy of ‘Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy’, so ‘book fayre virginity’, lost!

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