Why did you write this book?

I wrote this book for me as part of my Journey with Crach Ffinnant and Owain Glyndwr. Having written songs about Glyndwr, written and performed ‘A Fiery Knights Tale’ (Children’s Play) where I narrated as Crach. It seemed the right time after I finished my last novel and was pondering my path, Crach would come back to life! Now it’s finished and time to share with the world.

What’s the Central Theme?

The year is 1375 and Wales is under the sword of the English. A sacred prophecy is beginning to unfurl and the sacred scrolls, must be carried by Crach Ffinnant and delivered to London. The prophecy reveals a rising Prince and Crach may or may not succeed.

What are the ‘words’ that matter most?

Integrity, honesty, morals, purpose, vision, spiritual understanding, justice, magic and prophecy.

Who is the character in the book you most identify with and why?

Crach Ffinnant, because I have become him to write the story.

How does this book add value to the life of the reader who chooses to spend their precious time reading it?

Although for the most part fantasy, my novel is loosely based around fact, so I am introducing others to a hitherto unknown hero from Welsh History. Bringing Crach into your heart opens feelings and thoughts we can all relate to. The adventures cover a ten-year period and are full of magical and spiritual happenings. I believe once a reader meets Crach they will adore his personality and all he believes in, so will you!

How should this book be read and why? Is this a book that requires my full undivided attention and undiluted focus or can I read it with screaming kids around?

I believe you could read this book anywhere and in any situation because when reading, you are in the plot. One can pick it up or put it down but you will always pick it up again. It is a tale of moderate length but makes ideal reading during holiday times. It is written in such a way as to be suitable for all ages , whether told as a story or read.

If readers were to really comprehend and embrace the message of your book, could it inspire them to greatness? If the point of the book is for entertainment,  could it give them a much-needed rest or teach them how to relax?

It will allow the reader to enter another world, a believable world even though there are Dragons! It is ‘relaxation’ by ‘story’. Crach Ffinnant will fill you with joy, move you with his spirit and make you think as well as smile.

Who is the main character and give a brief description of them or their role in the story? (if more than one, feel free to mention other character(s).

I have mentioned the main character but there are others, equally fascinating. Llwyd ap Crachan Llwyd is Crach’s tutor, Fwynedd the Shepherd, a guide on the first part of the journey, The Travelling Circus and performers, Master Healan the Apocothery, Arch villain Edmund, Owain Glyndwr and many more.

What is the main conflict?

An ancient Prophecy predicts the rise of Owain Glyndwr to become Prince of Wales. His lineage stemming from three families of Welsh royalty. Crach meets Glyndwr whilst he is studying law at Lincolns Inn in 1376. They become firm friends and begin many adventures together. Crach Ffinnant himself is in some conflict with the task and quest, as he is unsure of his part in the Prophecy.  His command of the English language sets him to personal conflicts, between  dumbness and using spoken word. Physical strength, a grand sense of humour and a willingness to learn through conflict by accepting that ‘change is ever constant’, a belief in living practical magic and being a dwarf are his greatest strengths.

What is the central question that the book seeks to answer?

Who is this Prince that will lead the Welsh people to eventual victory and freedom from the English? What is this prophecy? What is Crach Ffinnant’s role in the Prophecy?

How did you come up with the characters for this book?

Crach Ffinnant & Owain & Tudur Glyndwr really did exist. The rest is my invention.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

There wasn’t one!

Do you plan to write more? (what are you currently working on or plan to write in the future?)

The second volume ‘Crach Ffinnant – Rise of the Dragon’ is finished and the third volume, Crach Ffinnant – Ravens & Dragons’ is in note form. I am currently working on the audio books for the first two novels.





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