Crach FFinnant, Debbie Eve and I are driving to Pembroke today and what a beautiful day for the journey. Dippy, our Crach’o’Magic camper van, will be winding its way through the Pembrokeshire countryside as we seek Showboat Television Studios with the sat-nav and no doubt Noodle, the ever faithful hound will be winging every time the indicators sign a change in direction. It must be said his contribution to journey’s often err on the musical side and joining in becomes a foregone conclusion to maintain sanity.


Our time slot is 1445 and we have no idea if it is a live show or recording, but have it in our mind it will be live and then in the finest spirit, we will proceed with intuitive wisps flowing through our noggin (‘head’ for the uninitiated). After the filming and interview we are heading up the west coast of Wales to Cardigan to visit friends and in particular, the Cellar Bar to play some music and share stories. The weather is said to be grand for a few days, so the call of West Wales beaches and paddling appeals.¬† So Crach Ffinnant, dwarf, prophet and seer, Debbie Eve (Illustrator) and me, Lazarus Carpenter (Author) reach a mile stone, our first ever television interview about The Prophecy. Crach will tell you that the year 2018 in numerological terms to him, suggests the magical elements of eleven and two. These are numbers of magical omens portending future dreams occurring now. I say we will wait and see.






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