On this day I, Crach Ffinnant, magician, prophet and  seer remember many years, decades and centuries long-lost in the mists of time. So many blessings, rituals and celebrations of new life, repeated time after time as the wheel of the sun turns all life on pathways of light. Such light, I know, is found in all life, be it the human, non-human, vegetable or mineral kingdoms. Thus at the Summer Solstice, the two unite, giving power and embracing unconditional love and respect for the earth on which we live, under the sky of whose air we breath, and within the light of the great sun. In this year 2018, I Crach Ffinnant, magician, prophet and seer, give grateful thanks to the sun. Grateful for my rebirth in this year I remind myself, six hundred years is a long time, yet no time at all. It is good to be back and I welcome you all to join me in my new life, recalling the old. This is Crach’o’Magic!




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