In my first published book, albeit, self published, THE BALLAD OF PENYGRAIG like much of my work, it has a history. It was first written as a song with the same title, then quickly joined by three more, Rachael’s Lament, Poacher on the Rock and The Hawk Cried on the Moor. Then I started to write the book, followed by a stage play script. It all started ten years ago, now the title song has been number one twice in Reverbnation Folk Charts, and came joint first in the Doncaster Folk Festival Song Writing Competition in 2016. It has taken a life on of its own nowadays and I guess when folk do parodies of your work, it has become popular. Certainly in South Wales and parts of the USA it has proved to be so. I thank the spirits of Dai Davies, Morgan and Rachael Lewis (circa 1850) for the story and life changing experiences I shared. It is sad that Penygraig House came down in the Landslip of 2012 and no more does evidence remain on the scarred mountainside. Their headstones still lay in the Chapel graveyard however, future rest is unlikely as the Chapel now has a demolition order, so what will happen to them? Grateful thanks to Stuart Loosemore for the program and the pint in the pub afterwards. Enjoy the story and share with me, ‘On the Trail of the Ballad of Penygraig’.

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