A member of one of my Facebook page / groups  https://www.facebook.com/groups/fansofcrachffinnant/ made a rather derogatory statement about our book receiving so much publicity of late, through social media and in particular, Facebook. There were ‘expletives’ not important to share because you get the drift! ‘You’ve written a book, so f 2=4=7? what.’ This comment was posted on https://www.facebook.com/groups/fansofcrachffinnant/ The group embraces over five hundred fans of Crach Ffinnant, so perhaps with hindsight the writer may have reconsidered, where to post their obvious frustrations at the publicity, Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy is receiving. He probably has not read the book, due to a distinct lack of interest and that is a matter of choice. My first reaction was to ‘delete and block’, because I was affronted by the comment. But, it is a media site of free speech, so let him have his say, think I.

I refrained from responding as did Debbie Eve, both quite hurt at such a cruel comment. Of course this is the nature of things in the world today, but we write and promote our work with love, not hate. Thus such comments do hurt and no matter how many supportive remarks come through from others, equally insulted, it does seem unreasonable. Well its jealousy, say some, a sad life, say others, but in my mind, why be a fan of something and then try to destroy it? Incongruous, is the word springing to my mind and no matter how I try to rationalise such behaviour, I cannot. I can only forgive ignorance and hope the words of our many supporters, commenting on the stream, rang true for the aggressor. Thank you to all https://www.facebook.com/groups/fansofcrachffinnant/



Crach FFinnant circa 1400 


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