You have a number of magical friends you met during the course of the Prophecy. Who would you say was your favourite?

“I do not have a favourite friend, I love them all equally as only a dwarf can I suppose. Carron the Raven, Tan-y-Mynedd the Dragon and Merlina my trusted steed all have qualities unique to them as indeed do all living creatures. But my teachers are also my friends and you could say, Owain Glyndwr was magical in many ways.”

Carron the Raven is a very interesting character and somewhat mischievous is he not?

“An understatement, if I may be permitted to say so? Carron is a very clever bird and has incredible abilities to change his appearance from bird, to whatever he must in order to do his duties. He has taught me much and always with a great sense of humour and concern. With skills of transformation, knowledge of time portals and so much more, far to complicated to explain here. Suffice to say, no dwarf should be without a raven as a friend.

Yes, he can be irritating, great joy flutters feathers every time he hides my spoon, nibbles at my ear or sticks a pointed beak so far into my ear, I think he may pierce my brain. He can be very annoying to Merlina too, but they are good friends and always have been since the day Carron alighted on the mare’s back, whispered in her ear and then pecked at her long shaggy mane. A little irritation that Merlina never did enjoy. Carron did!

A master of many languages and especially those of a most sacred nature, Carron is an asset in many a tight corner. When I left Glyndwr standing in his garden at Syncarth sat upon Tan-y-Mynedd flying towards the moon and on to the Council of Blue Stone, I would see Carron again in all his glory.”

Ch 25 Vol I



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