We have spoken about your magical friends, Tan-y-Mynedd the Dragon and Carron the Raven. It must be time to tell us more about Merlina your trusted Mare?

“Merlina came into my life when I was seeking a horse to pull our wagon back to Wales, so Master Healan could rejoin his old friend and my old master, Llwyd ap Crachan Llwyd in retirement. From the second I saw her I knew she was the horse I wanted and judging from the look in here eyes, so did she. My magical and healing skills treated and eradicated a boil on the horse traders leg, in turn he traded Merlina for good health. So many years and adventures have passed since then. Carron the Raven often annoyed Merlina, perhaps it was because she was named after Merlin, but I think not.

Carron was mischievous and Merlina quietly enjoyed it, she liked the attention, even from a naughty beak pecking raven. A more gentle creature folk could not know and her intelligence and quiet demeanour saved our necks on dangerous roads many times. She could read my mind and I could communicate very well with her just by thought. Such has great advantage when in situations that demand silence to avoid discovery I can tell you. This dwarf had many of those…. such is the way of The Prophecy.”

Ch 23 Vol I



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