When the boxes full of my new book arrived the other day I was of course delighted. Opening them enthusiastically, carefully breaking the seal and removing packaging, there in front of me, stacks of my book from  wordsmatterpublishing.com The first thing I saw was the wonderful front cover illustrated by Debbie Eve and designed by WMP. Holding my book in reality is, one the one hand quite humbling, on the other, the most amazing buzz I have ever felt. Tammy Koelling told me I was now a novelist and here in my hands, the hard proof.

So even though one knows the story well, I mean I wrote it, I read it as if I had not. As odd as that may sound, it is how I felt. I finished it in three sittings, laughing at Crachs humour, moved by his honesty, the magic, incredible characters and sub plots within the prophecy and excited by what was coming next. It is rewarding to read your own work and feel you have certainly done your best and created a story that may be read by anybody and a character, dear Crach Ffinnant…. who is so lovable, wise and entertaining in everything he does or says.

So… ‘Did I enjoy reading my own book? I did thank you, very much indeed and I hope you do too. I was certainly left feeling I wanted to read on…. fortunate, Crach Ffinnant – Rise of the Dragon is nearly finished! Bless you Crach Ffinnant…. ‘justice does prevail’ .. you are back!


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