Crach, do you mind if we continue talking about dragons?

“I do not mind at all and am grateful for the opportunity to do so. Dragons are my friends and Tan-y-Mynedd, wisest of all was a tutor when I was an apprentice, later becoming a great friend. Dragons are mystical and magical creatures, their true natures unknown to most.”

But not to all?

“Not to me!”

Would you tell our readers more about Tan-y-Mynedd?

“What would you like to know? There is so much to tell and knowing where to start such a great story about this beautiful creature, could be years of your time in the telling, yet no time at all for me.”

In the ‘Prophecy’ Tan-y-Mynedd thinks there may be a cache of eggs somewhere, hidden deep in the caves of Wales. Does he find them?

“You will have to read ‘Crach Ffinnant – Rise of the Dragon’ Book Two of  my stories to find out .. and it will be here soon as sure as day follows night.”

In the Prophecy, Tan-y-Mynedd teaches you a great lesson about illusions whilst you were an apprentice, with your old master Llywd ap Crachan Llwyd. Has it served you well since?

“As you will read in the story, this illusion was so great and powerful in imagery, without the teaching I would have been unable to pass this deep ravine, which was not at all as it first seemed to this dwarfs young eyes. Indeed I thought I may plummet to the depths of who knows where. Yet a dip of the toe (I hate getting my small feet wet) ripple after ripple fogging my vision……. and whoosh…… by dragons breath ……. an illusion. It has served me well as it would all. There are many illusions in nature where light plays with shadow and phantoms stalk our visions. A first glance creating fear or amazement of what is seen, only flicks of an eyebrow later, what we see is not what is there. Consider a walk at dusk and remember what you thought you saw.”



Ch 13 Vol I


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