So you have noticed the absence of bears, wolves and dragons and I think you find this distressing Crach?

‘I am indeed distressed by such a travesty of injustice. Who gives anybody the right to destroy and annihilate sentient beings? Your country is a worse place for their absence. When I trod this earth over six hundred years ago, bears and wolves were commonly seen and avoided by anyone with any sense.

But Dragons….. where are they? 

Six hundred years is not that long for a dragon and they hate human kind with a vengeance after having such cruelty thrust upon them for centuries. In reality they are timid creatures contrary to their reputation for fierceness,  I hope there may be a few secreted deep in caves where mankind will never walk. There must be.. there has to be… we cannot live in harmony without dragon breath wisdom.

Tan-y-Mynedd is one of the wisest and he taught me much worthy of the knowing, when I was a young dwarf and along with so many others from magical realms, he served the Prophecy well.’ 

Do you think you have any other quest after six centuries of serving the Prophecy?

‘Of course I am questing to share stories of the old world with the new but, I must seek the dragons as in my heart I feel they are still with us. Your world as it is now, needs dragon wisdom more than ever. Breath and fire is life and it is rebirth of all things new, it must be protected, cherished and loved and tells us change is always constant. This is the wisdom of the dragon.’

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