Welcome Crach Ffinnant to the year 2018. It has been over six hundred years since you last materialised on earth. How are you adjusting to the changes?

‘It does seem a long time in the scheme of things. Six hundred years has passed with a wink of an eye for me but for you, yes it is a very long time indeed. As a dwarf I am used to change, as a magician, prophet and seer, I embrace it. Change is forever constant. This was a lesson Llywd ap Crachan Llwyd taught me centuries past, one people would do well to learn today.

The most striking difference for me is the lack of active magic, the absence of living in harmony with nature and all the beauty this adds to life. Folk have much to consider in this very busy world and a preponderance for darkness shadows minds. Folk have always been greedy throughout time, a failing of mankind we all know but in the world now this greed is true madness. I am amazed as to where much of nature, as I knew it to be has disappeared, replaced by such huge sprawling cities. The forests…. where are the forests? The bears, wolves and dragons, where are they?

So adjustment is a necessity and cannot be ignored. Change has been astronomical as I see it and lost or hidden is the magic to be lived. My purpose in returning after hundreds of years, is to light souls with love, honour and humility. Justice will always prevail.’




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