A New Year and a New Publishing House

Since leaving Words Matter Publishing earlier this year, I have embarked on self-publishing volume four of my Crach Ffinnant series, as it was ready to go prior to my departure. There are three other books in the series all requiring new ISBN’s, including a completed rewrite of the Ballad of Penygraig so I have been very busy indeed. A number of other projects on my desk are near completion and will also need to be published. But more about that in another post. Rather than simply self-publish, I have taken a giant leap toward setting up my own Publishing House. Swift Arrow Books was launched last week and although there is much to do, I am up and running with eight of my titles soon to be released under this banner. Some may say, I have lost the plot to embark on such a project at my age, but others who know me well will say, ‘Why not, get on with it, you got this!’ Initially, I thought it would only be used for my own books however, I have been asked if I would consider publishing others’ work too. I am not at all motivated toward Vanity Publishing, in fact, the mere idea makes me sick to my stomach, knowing how creatives are used and abused in the industry. I have friends who have lost the confidence to write due to ill-treatment and others who after spending thousands are left high and dry with broken promises, a lack of publicity, and almost no royalties worth mentioning. Funding publishing is no easy task and one I have begun in earnest to explore. Today, a request to publish three titles came into my mailbox with a note, funding is not a problem. Clearly, this project is meant to be and I look forward to my new future, not only as an author but now as a publisher too. The Law of Attraction evolves once more. All is Bliss and it is true, change is ever-constant.


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