Last week major changes rained down from the heavens as I and my publisher parted company after four years. Whilst sad and not without problems sometimes the universe throws a curve ball and having caught it, time to bounce it on the spot for a while. I enjoyed much of my time with WMP, it was because of their writing competition in 2018, Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy first came into print followed by Rise of the Dragon and Ravens and Dragons. Our reasons for departure are personal and not for gossip. I will always be grateful to WMP for the time we had together but onward and upwards. With volume four ready for publishing and the final in my series under the quill, I have to make decisions which I am endeavoring to do. Considering trying to get another publisher I feel is a ‘red herring’ nowadays, and as my first novel, Ballad of Penygraig was self-published, I have decided to do the same with my Crach Ffinnant series. I am faced with a tremendous volume of work on top of my other writing commitments but like Mallory ascending Everest, I will get to the summit. This week has seen Justice Prevails almost completed for release (once I juggle PDF editing) it is on the starting line. The publisher I am using is the same as with my first self-published novel so I have faith in my exploits. But I do have to revisit the other three titles and prepare them for a second-edition publication and this is a lot of work. With several events forthcoming, new retail outlets, readings, and signings, I urgently need to replenish the stocks of my books. So my journey continues and I welcome what the universe has in store.


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