A shield was essential for close combat during the middle ages. Crach Ffinnant of course, being a dwarf, had great difficulty in using normal sized shields. Yes, he was strong as his time in the Travelling Circus demonstrated but he was very short, thus dwarfed by the enormity of a similar shield carried by Glyndwr and others. It was just too impractical. A smaller shield was the answer. Crach always tried to avoid physical conflict but, self-protection, a must in such difficult times when anything could happen at the most unexpected of times!

Yesterday, the shield of Crach Ffinnant was rediscovered. Sara Howdle, Landlady of the Tafarn Bach has had it in her possession for many years and treasured the presence, ambience and beauty it reflects. We are so grateful and humbled by her kind  gifting of this treasured piece of history and it will join Crach Ffinnant in all future adventures at Book Fares and the like! Of course it is not the real shield but, similar to what he may have used.

2014-01-31 06.45.32

Kindly gifted by Sara Howdle


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