Winning the 2017/18 Holiday Book Competition back in the Spring of this year, WMP released the first of my series, ‘Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy’, across all social media platforms and on-line retailers.  A roller-coaster of events, book fayre’s, signings, readings, television and radio interviews adding to my performance schedule resulted in a rather busy summer. However, not too busy as to finish the second volume in the series, ‘Crach Ffinnant – Rise of the Dragon’. WMP have been so supportive to me as an author and to now know, volume two will be out soon is just so full of ‘Crach’o’Magic as I am sure all will agree. What an incredible year … so what is it all about?

Twenty five years have passed since I, Crach Ffinnant, dwarf, prophet and seer began my life’s journey to serve The Prophecy. For the last fifteen years I have ridden at Owain Glyndwr’s side and every new moon, predictions given to the ancients at Bala Lake many years ago, lost in the mists of time, unfurl with alarming accuracy. The Great Council of Blue Stone gather energies from this world and other kingdoms, enabling storm clouds of change on the horizon to be understood and used to manage the path of the ancient Prophecy. My old friends Fwynedd the Shepherd, Crow the clumsy dwarf and my old teachers Llwyd ap Crachan Llwyd along with others aid me along the perilous road now opening up in front of me. Carron the raven must soar to heights never seen and new friends step into my life as decreed by the Prophecy.

Meanwhile in England, Henry Bollingbroke usurps Richard II, imprisoning him and rises to the throne. With a hatred for Glyndwr he refuses to honour a debt and seeks revenge. My arch-enemy Edmund, now a Lord and in the service of King Henry tries to implement royal commands to seize all the lands and riches belonging to Owain Glyndwr and his family. Tan-y-Mynedd the dragon searches endlessly in the deep caverns for the lost dragon eggs with hope in his heart that they exist and the species will be saved. Unrest in Wales is reaching fever pitch, common folk and Lords alike gather under the flag of the red dragon.

Will I Crach Ffinnant, dwarf, prophet and seer, survive juggling so much responsibility, still maintaining dignity and my sense of humour.

Will King Henry IV succeed in his mission to destroy Owain Glyndwr and Wales?

Will Tan-y-Mynedd succeed in finding the dragons eggs and secure the future of this ancient species?

Will Owain Glyndwr ever become Prince of Wales?

The Prophecy continues to unfurl as I, Crach Ffinnant, dwarf, prophet and seer continue my tale in Rise of the Dragon.

Front Cover RD BW(1)

Illustration Courtesy of Debbie Eve 2018








Lazarus Carpenter

Illustrated by Debbie Eve

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