Volume four of the Crach Ffinnant series ‘Justice Prevails’ is completed and in the hands of my publisher, Words Matter Publishing. It is a fast-moving tale of magic, mystery, and battles of men and dragons, the war continues between England and Wales. Henry IV strives for control but Owain Glyndwr plots, schemes, and battles the English into submission and defeat at every turn. Tan-y-Mynedd must take drastic action as the young dragons struck with blood lust wreak havoc and destruction on English and Welsh alike. Crach Ffinnant becomes Dragon Master giving birth to a new era.



‘Are you okay, Fwynedd?’ I asked as he gasped for breath.

‘I’ll live!’ He smiled through a wild beard, wise old eyes twinkling like early morning dew from under bushy eyebrows, sitting like two hairy caterpillars perched on his forehead.

‘By dragon’s breath, you gave me quite a stir. Both of us are a little upside down, of that there is no doubt,’ I said, righting my own posture.

After all, I am much smaller than Fwynedd and it was only my strength that prevented us both from losing our footing completely.

We heard rumors from a blacksmith that the rogue dragons had attacked yet another village, creating mayhem by killing and maiming men, women, and children alike. They certainly had bloodlust and were killing indiscriminately, caring not for the nationality of their human prey. Welsh or English, it was all the same to them. Stories about the attacks and slayings were the only words on the lips of folk. Fear flooded across the mountains as dragons lurked in the sky. With fire and fury, they could attack at any time from out of the clouds without warning – strike, burn, kill and be gone in a flash. One dragon had been killed last month and parties of hunters stalked the remaining two.


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