One Novel Ends, and Another Begins!

I guess when one is writing a series by the time you reach volume four, you really know you are. My award-winning ‘Crach Ffinnant’ series is bringing me as an author, so much pleasure in creating and writing. With three volumes published thus far and volume four about to be, I feel I have arrived as an author on the global stage of historical fiction. Crach Ffinnant – Justice Prevails launches deep into the rebellion with battles between Henry IV and Owain Glyndwr, rogue dragons and blood lust haunting the mountains and valleys. Crach finally becomes the ‘master of dragons’ and the war goes well for the Welsh. Now my attentions turn to volume five, ‘Crach Ffinnant – Stronghold of Illusion’, 1404 and the tide begins to turn.

‘Crach Ffinnant and Carron the Raven’ created and illustrated by Debbie Eve

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