It is now eighteen months since winning the Words Matter Publishing Holiday Book Competition, with Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy.

The second volume in the series, Crach Ffinnant – Rise of the Dragon was published four months ago and Volume Three, Crach Ffinnant – Ravens and Dragons is well underway towards publication. I must admit, social media whilst fascinating in so many ways, especially, personal publicity, is time consuming and does take me away from writing and narrating much more. But we cannot have one without the other, as in this day and age we have to promote ourselves and social media is the engine for that journey. Striking the right balance twixt, writing and social media time is the answer, however, easier said, than done.

Narrating Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy myself, has been and is most stimulating as I can really bring my story and characters to life, with my own voice as well as words. The first audio book is almost complete and samples I have posted across social media have been well received. This in turn gives me the confidence to push on with other work and I have made audio books of my children’s stories for my SoundCloud site, and folk can download free. I am beginning to film and record storytelling as well as writing, an exciting adventure.

Debbie Eve, Crach Ffinnant series illustrator in addition to working on my books has created gift cards, colouring cards and posters now available on her web site.

Image may contain: outdoor

The task is never-ending as I keep creating as so does her pencil and brush. Ah well! Time to scribble some more!


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