‘Our journey from Syncharth was swift and there was no doubt Tan-y-Mynedd achieved the great distance in record time despite changing winds hampering our flight on occasions, and also me hanging on for my life. A bright moon illuminated our passage but the great dragon frequently used clouds to conceal us from prying eyes; old habits die hard and in these perilous times were perhaps essential for our survival. Tan-y-Mynedd the Fire-Dragon soared skilfully ever onwards. The ground below rose and then dipped away again into a deep valley, shrouded by mountains on all sides. The darkness of night began to fade and dawn lingered in wait upon the horizon. The great dragon pulled back both wings, thrust out a proud armoured chest, extended four thick, muscular, scaled legs, flexed talons and swished his tail high. Expelling hot air from both nostrils in clouds of steam, he landed rather less than gracefully on the scree-covered mountainside. Scrambling down from between the safety of Tan-y-Mynedd’s huge armoured shoulders, legs shaking like jelly clothing brawn, my feet touched solid ground again. We had arrived once more at the Great Council of Blue Stone.
I sat with my old reptilian friend, Tan-y-Mynedd, at the long oak table surrounded by ancient members and old friends of the Council. All were familiar to me from the last time I was summoned here, but some were absent. Only Tan-y-Mynedd represented the dragons today. Graig-y-Graig, who was the eldest of all the reptiles, had been ill for some time due to his increasing years. The old dragon dropped off to sleep a few months ago deep in the caverns of Dan-yr-Ogof, never to wake up again. One dragon was still missing, a continued source of great concern for all, whilst the other protected the young dragons, ably assisted by Crow and Faerydae. Fwynedd the Shepherd sat opposite me, having returned from his village which was now prepared for protection against the English soldiers who were roaming the countryside. Carron perched on my shoulder, playfully pecking at my earring as usual.’







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