What an absolute pleasure to spend the day in Aberaeron, a picturesque coastal town, oozing with a rich heritage on the West coast of Wales. Karen Gemma Brewer & Niki Brewer organised a grand weekend of music and literature. Driving through torrential inclemency, enjoying what glorious scenery was revealed between enormous raindrops, spending a little longer than I would like behind a rather large horse-box, I arrived. A splendid day of varied readings from authors and tables of thousands of books. The atmosphere inspired me. The video below is live and unedited. I would like to sincerely thank Karen Gemma Brewer for my warm introduction. Such kind words from a wordsmith of her calibre are very meaningful and made me feel humble. Thanks to Derek and Sian for their help and to Dennis Robinson for managing the stage. I look forward to coming back in 2019.









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