As a writer, musician and performer. folk often ask me what inspires my creativeness. All of my years have been fortunate in that, creative thinking and spirituality have formed the very root of my being and filled most of my days in one way or another in whatever I have done. After over six decades walking on this wonderful planet we live on, I know what works for me in terms of achieving my goals of contributing to the world. Being honest with one’s self and sticking to objectives irrespective of the trials and tribulations that inevitably shadow our journey is the key for me, ie not selling out and conforming to norms, risk taking and exploration outside of one’s comfort zone. Writing stories, songs, poetry and now books, is a wonderful pastime enabling me to share my soul. I am my own worst enemy in terms of critique, sometimes perhaps, hard on myself but that brings a confidence rather difficult to explain.

My inspiration comes from the joy experienced in the art of free thinking within a universe where I believe all things are connected and all part of an amazing evolution where ‘change is ever constant’. My writing is often a solitary occupation where I lose myself in a whirling imaginary world, dipping in and out of reality. This is sometimes also true of my music however, there is no substitute for creating with others. A true inspiration. Here is a wonderful example of a group of us achieving such energy.

(Rhiannon – Guitar & Vocals   Griff – Guitar  Me – Guitar  Kelly – Lead Vocal) 

Filmed by Debbie Eve)

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