A rather belated blog about Carmarthen Book Fayre. Cataract surgery kinda got in the way! So firstly, huge thanks to the surgical team at Singleton Hospital in Swansea for getting me through it all, with such empathy and care. Thank you NHS Wales. And now, Carmarthen Book Fayre.

Setting off from home, driving through our magnificent valley, I trundled along the motorway from Swansea to Carmarthen for forty beautiful scene stuffed minutes. St Peter’s Civic Hall enabled unloading due to pedestrian precinct restrictions and then off to find a car park. Setting up our little Crach’o’Magic table, including new merchandise designed by Debbie Eve, greetings and colouring cards thematic to Crach Ffinnant The Prophecy, I suddenly realised, display stand, on the back seat of the car! Crumbs! Fortunately getting there early allowed me to amble back to the car park, taking in the window fronts of some really nice ‘ye olde worlde’ type shops en route. So all set up and raring to go. Time for a sandwich and mug of coffee.


The hall filled gradually as fellow authors set up. Banners and publicity decorating ambience, sprung up from all directions. The once bare hall, now filled with colour and buzz of a Book Fayre, folk bidding ‘welcomes’ and ‘hello’s’, as the Mayor arrived to open the Carmarthen Book Fayre.

This video doesn’t exist

The Mayor of Carmarthen opened the Fayre joined by other dignitaries. Owen Staton a storyteller and writer from the Swansea Valley was next to take centre stage with a stunning performance of ‘The Robbers of Penwyn’

The day had many highlights, not least of which spending it twixt two well-known authors, Sally Spedding and Cheryl Beer. As this is only my second book fayre, still much to learn and such company, a blessing. Wendy Steele, Graham Watkins and Angela Fish, I met at the Botanical Gardens of Wales Storytelling and Book Fayre Weekend and again, I am privileged to share space with such prolific writers. Sarada and John Thompson included storytelling in song during the day, and it was great fun to share the Ballad of Penygraig. A snippet for delectation, as opposed to over self-indulgence on-screen.

Not a flattering still, I wager but the camera rarely conceals passion. Other writers performed in song and added great ambience to the creative atmosphere. In conclusion for me, a grand day and one to remember. My special thanks to John & Sarada Thompson for inviting me and making me feel so part of it all.




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