A few stragglers remained, amongst whom were the young gentlemen, including Edmund. They stood huddled closely together, talking to each other now much more quietly than before. The young gentleman who had defended the ragged man must have been in disagreement with the rest of them as he pulled himself away from the group, remarking loudly so all could hear.

“I will have no part of this! Gentlemen do not behave in this way!” He stood to face them all and again asserted himself. “You are wrong by your intended actions and bring disgrace upon your houses and families.” He stepped further back as Edmund stepped forward.

“Have a care, Glyndwr, or I will stick you like a rabbit!”  Edmund threatened, shaking a finger into the ‘defender’s’ face, challenging for authority. In a flash, Glyndwr moved like lightning, grabbing at Edmund’s wagging finger and twisting it, bringing Edmund to his knees, wincing with pain.

“You have a care, Edmund, and never address me in that way again!” Speedily and almost unseen, his hand that had gripped the once wagging finger of Edmund, slid into a hard slap across his cheek that all heard. Edmund stepped back as his hand shot towards the dagger hanging from the leather belt at his middle. Glyndwr, as swift as an arrow, stepped into the full body of the blonde bully and pushed him hard, grabbing the dagger by the hilt before Edmund was able to reach it. He brought his left fist up and struck Edmund hard in the face, drawing blood from a now shattered nose. Edmund fell to the ground with one hand holding his face, blood dripping through his fingers. Glyndwr stepped back and stood tall against the bully. “Let this be the end of this stupidity. The end!” Glyndwr addressed Edmund firmly and all could see that the fight, if that is what it was, was now at an end. Edmund was helped to his feet by another of their group. Holding his bleeding face, which was now becoming swollen from the strength of Glyndwr’s blow, Edmund stared firmly into Glyndwr’s eyes with a fixed gaze.

 “I won’t forget that, you Welsh churl!”






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