Leaving Tafarn Bach Music Festival and the excellent company of Tim and Sara on Sunday afternoon, we headed off towards Llandovery and the Llandslide Music Festival in the historic setting of the Castle Hotel.  Again for a Bank-Holiday, I was astounded by the lack of traffic on the roads and, an effortless journey lay ahead. Weather hitherto, said to be foul on Sunday turned out not too bad, apart from showers as opposed to the predicted storms, so an unexpected welcome result there! Turning into the Castle Hotel around five, we were in good time as I was due to play at six-thirty. Even better came the news, all running a little late because then we were able to enjoy the luxury of the Green Room, incredible buffet, tea, coffee, drinks and the resplendent comfort of Chesterfield sofas. Bliss I hear you say. It was! And we all got loads of free drinks, wonderful hospitality provided by Anna Marie and her staff.


Ronnie Threechords sitting in the back ground, whilst his good lady tucks in. Fil Ziebicki and I putting the world to rights over a stiff one!

Fil Ziebicki 
Ronnie Threechords
Anna-Marie Elizabeth Reed
Ian Birch


Munchies and relaxation in style now at an end and it was my turn to perform. Guess what, indeedy, I started the set with Man With No Sign again. I like it!


Set over, we watched Fil perform and had a great sing along with some of his own material. Some readers may remember, Fil was this years winner of the 2018 Lazzmatazz & Welsh Connections Song Writing Competition. You can catch his winning composition, and the judges comments here

With rock and heavy metal bands gracing the stage we adjourned to the lounge of the Castle Hotel to chill in comfort. Sitting and nattering we were joined by an elderly lady who asked if she could join us, as our little group seemed a little more interesting and animated than the one she was with. A charming lady with incredible energy and fortitude and a liking for dance, she shared many stories and opinions capturing our attention. At 78, a force to be reckoned with, there is no doubt. At the end of the evening we watched the last band whilst she danced like a teenager on her own and loved every second. What a delight! Finally returning to our home on wheels time for sleep and did we sleep. It was 1130 this morning when eyes opened rather hazily to a new day and after a very laid back start to the day, it was time to come home. What a blissful weekend!

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